Blended Learning in Secondary School (Grades 9-12)

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For adolescent students in today’s schools, e-learning is a natural extension of the classroom, since, for most, the technological environment is one in where they feel most comfortable and experienced. Furthermore, in the virtual school, the wealth and breadth of course options is staggering. What is lacking in a purely electronic classroom, however, is the constant support, guidance and encouragement students of this age very much require. The truth is, online support will simply never replace the physical and intellectual presence of a teacher in the classroom. It is clear that the marriage of both ‘worlds’ brings a synergy to the classroom that cannot be matched by other programs. All unblended methods, no matter how ‘cutting edge’ they describe themselves, will never be able to offer that which is here presented: bridging the personalized and clear instruction provided by an in-class educator with the limitless and always current resources of computer technologies.